Collection: Trans Love Collection

This remarkable collection exemplifies the unwavering passion of Kennidi Fierce Attire. With Kennidi's artistic expertise, a new collection is unveiled each year, radiating the sheer essence of trans joy within her streetwear line. Embracing this collection is not exclusive to the trans community; in fact, your support in wearing it demonstrates an extraordinary level of solidarity. This year, we proudly present the 3.0 Collection, centered around the empowering theme of "Being True To Yourself." By purchasing from this collection, you will be contributing to various esteemed trans charities, including Trans Lifeline, GLAAD, Silvia Rivera Law Project, and Transgender Law Center. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring assortment of footwear, swimwear, bags, and much more. However, keep in mind that this exclusive collection will only be available for a limited time.